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About us

ECOGENE-21 is a Canadian non-profit organization focused on the patient, committed to revolutionizing access to innovations in precision medicine to meet unmet health needs.

As a renowned biocluster, we have developed a robust clinical research infrastructure, recognized expertise in biobanking, advanced R&D capabilities, and a strong academic component appreciated within the scientific community. Our specialization includes rare diseases or severe common diseases, particularly in the areas of lipid diseases and associated cardiometabolic risks.

OUR mission

  • Innovation in Diagnostics and Treatment: We provide the possibility to patients to benefit from cutting-edge diagnostics tools and treatments to improve the quality of care through the CTRC network (Clinical and Translational Research Center) and SMASH (System and Molecular Approaches of Severe Hyperlipidemias).
  • Support for Clinical Research: We facilitate clinical research through specialized digital tools, like our SMART Applications Suite, which optimize processes and outcomes.
  • Education and Information: We develop educational tools, such as Lipidea, to educate patients, general practitioners, and specialists about the latest advancements in treating lipid diseases.
  • Academic Support: We are committed to providing the necessary resources for the development of promising academic careers among young researchers and the training of graduate students at the University of Montreal.
  • Accessibility of Clinical Trials: We innovate to make clinical trials accessible to patients in remote or mobility-restricted areas, including with drones.


At ECOGENE-21, we dedicate ourselves to transforming precision medicine to effectively meet the most complex challenges of modern health. Join us in our mission for a healthier and more sustainable future.