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A non-profit organization (NPO) clinical research organization dedicated to access to innovation for unmet medical needs, coordinated from the Saguenay–Lac-Saint-Jean region.

ECOGENE-21 has a solid experience and world-renowned expertise in the design, conduct and management of clinical trials, as well as the valorization of innovations designed to promote access to precision medicine with novel, safe, efficacious and affordable treatments.


ECOGENE-21 has built a reputation of excellence on the national and international levels.


Access is our priority

In order to facilitate access to novel, emergent treatments, ECOGENE-21 offers its patients, partners and collaborators resources, services and expertise to:

Develop promising therapeutics and help make them available.

Enable clinical research by providing a strong support to teams, health alliances, research networks and clinicians.

Promote access to a dynamic, integrated ecosystem that connects patients with a network of clinical investigators, research sites and other relevant organizations (such as pharmaceuticals or biotech companies, public organizations, etc.).

Develop, implement and guarantee access to smart connected solutions using data management and biobanking decentralized approaches for clinical research.

Ensure access to resources, expertise and technical facilities needed for the academic career development of young researchers and training of Université de Montréal graduate students.

More than

years of experience

in the design and conduct of clinical trials


clinical trials

designed and executed each year



from the pharmaceutical, biotech and academic sectors


published manuscripts

over the last five years (e.g., NEJM, The Lancet, Nature)



more than 25% in prestigious journals (e.g. NEJM, the Lancet, Nature)



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